World Wide Protection Plan | Elements
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World Wide Protection Plan

How will your family bring you home if your 

death occurs out of country?


Traditional Travel Insurance

☒Your traditional travel insurance will not provide enough coverage to bring you home if you die abroad.

☒Families are left to pay out of pocket expenses upfront.

☒Survivors have to do all the organizing of foreign funeral homes, consulates and airlines.

☒If you are hospitalized before death, coverage to bring you home will already be spent.

☒Exclusions for pre-existing health conditions void your coverage.

☒Must repurchase each year.


Element’s World Wide Protection Plan

☑Limits up to $100,000 which will cover any death anywhere in the world.


☑You will not have to pay expenses out of pocket.

☑Elements will arrange with the foreign funeral home, diplomatic details, and airline arrangements.


☑Hospitalization prior to death does not matter.


☑No health exclusions.


☑No renewals ever required.