Ship Out
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Ship Out

Elements ships more people home than any funeral home in Western Canada. We have professionals handling all the details and requirements needed to repatriate human remains to your home country. Going home for burial can be less expensive than burial in Canada. We will coordinate international funeral homes, book flights, complete all consulate requirements, and ship home all within a week. We also organize discounted flights for family members.


The leading destinations for shipment from Vancouver are:

Philippines, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, India, Hong Kong and Bejing. Elements is the leader in Western Canada for transporting a loved one home. It is complex and specialized work coordinating airlines, foreign funeral homes and consulate requirements. From the Pacific Rim and Asia to Europe of Africa Elements can get a loved one in a cost effective and timely manner. 


Many people do not realize that with the cost of burial space here in Vancouver it can be no more expensive, and often less, to send a loved on back home. IF your parents have moved here near the end of their life or the majority of family is back home, shipment is an option for pre-arranging and at the time of a death that you should explore. You might be surprised.