Elements Plan Pre-Arranging | Elements
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Give the gift of planning. A vital part of your overall estate, pre-arrangements save time, stress and financial hardship for survivors. Benefits include:


Peace of Mind

Clarity and instructions – no stressful decision making for family after death.

No Out of Pocket Expenses

No financial burden for family at death. Without pre-arrangements, funeral expenses need to be paid within days.

No Inflation

After your first payment your price never increases, regardless of how long you live or the cause of death. You buy a guarantee against inflation that is protected by law.

Universal Coverage

No restrictions for age or health. The same price for everyone.

Pay onĀ Instalments

Take 3 to 20 years to pay. Interest free. Once paid in full you never renew, re-apply, or pay more regardless of how long you live.

Life Insured

For those paying on instalments, your policy is paid in full if a death occurs prematurely after two years.

Child and Grandchild Protection

One child or grandchild, under legal age, is covered for free by your policy – while you keep your own policy.

Your money is safe & transferable

Elements is not paid until a death has occurred. Until then, Assurant Life of Canada protects your money and your policy is transferable. If you move or die away from home, you are covered.