Buying And Selling Information | Elements
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Buying And Selling Information


We charge $250 per listing

Elements will markup the sellers desired price by 20%

Elements will retain that 20%

How it Works

These are all private listings

We do not buy. We connect buyers and sellers

Sales are on consignment

Your listing is posted indefinitely with no subscriptions, memberships or renewal fees

Your listing is marketed monthly to hundreds of potential clients through our 60 pre-need sales advisors.

We run intermittent marketing campaigns to the general public on all our listings

You can provide photos.

To List 

Send us an email and supporting documents pertaining to your cemetery property

Pay $250 for evaluation and listing

Sign an agreement allowing Elements to broker your property

We will connect only qualified buyers to sellers with approval from both parties

We will collect the money from the buyer at the time of purchase and hold it in escrow until a satisfactory transaction has occurred.

To Purchase

Contact us via email or phone referencing the item number.

We will connect you to the seller.

Once a sale is agreed upon you will sign and pay for the selection(s)

The funds will be held in escrow until you have received full ownership.